ARMY Football Uniforms for Army Navy


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Jan 13, 2014
Honoring the 10th Mountain Division.



And, just like last year, "No, the flag on the right shoulder isn't 'backwards.'" That's how they wore it in WWII, when the 10th Mountain Division became famous in Italy. Also only 48 stars in the union, another nod to WWII fame.
DD's husband was a 68W in the 10th Mountain deployed in Iraq about a year ago, now home studying pre-med.
Go 10th Mountain...Go Army Beat Navy!

Gee, even the service academies are getting into the 'new uniform every week' thing
I was informed yesterday that we have a dinner with friends on Saturday. Only my DW would not look at a calendar and figure another date. She and my DD both hate football. When she asks how much longer is the game and I tell her just three minutes she asks if that is real time or football time. Both guys like football so all three might have to move from the dining room to the family room. Go Navy. And no the dining room table is too big to move to the family room.
Bill Bowerman, co-founder of Nike, served in the 10th Mountain in WWII. Also my first division.

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