Army Height/Weight for Contracting


Jan 4, 2015
Hello. I had a quick question about weight for contracting with the Army. I know the typical 20% body fat rule with their scale, yet have seen different answers from different sources. When you contract with a four year scholarship, do you need to be at the active duty 20% body fat weight limit or can you be the entry level weight limit that is also on some of their charts? If you were a few pounds over and tested for example at 21% body fat, would that prevent you from contracting or what would happen (after passing the APFT)? Thanks
Your unit would know better than people on this forum. Have you taped yourself to see about where you fall? If you're just slightly over run a little more and eat a little less and you'll be fine.
Scholarships can be stripped of you do not pass the H&W standards, and they will not contract you till you can pass, but if you can pass taping then you are fine