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    What are some of the activities and events in DTA and on the Yard leading up to the Army/Navy Football game?
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    DTA - not much, since the game is not in Annapolis, and it's a regular school week. If it's snowy, icy, wintry mix, or freezing rain, DTA will be in off-season quiet mode. There is sometimes a pep rally mid-week. It has occasionally been in town, more often on the Yard. Current mids and recent alums can comment on what the present "usual" is. I have attended bonfires, "mule stew" dinners, etc.

    Inside Bancroft Hall - yes, there is some authorized and unauthorized craziness, typically involving Army cadets. What happens in the Hall...

    In Philly, the Army-Navy boxing smoker on Friday night is well-attended by a lively crowd of upperclass mids, cadets, alumni, etc. It's typically at one of the big convention hotels. There are other A-N themed events. There is usually a pep rally in Philly Center City.
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    Concur with Capt MJ, most of the big events are in Philly. With the games now being played the 2nd Saturday of the month, the Mids usually have finals the following week. I think that has led to so of the activities being slightly scaled back. Alot of what happens during Army week is not necessarily "official" but more the fun that happens in the hall. There is a pep rally, the game ball run start on Friday, and team send off. The Friday before Army Navy in Philly usually has some Cadet vs. Mid challenges (boxing, other sports, they do a sort of athletic challenge somewhere too), there are usually lots of class/alumni get togethers, banquets, etc to do that night before.

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