Army/Navy Football

Tom C

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Jan 21, 2014
Looking for a location in Providence RI to watch the Navy win.
I would reach out the local RI parents club or alumni association. I am sure they have one set up, might even be a combined event.
Getting ready to watch the start of the next Navy winning streak.
I have to say, I really like all the thought that Army put into their uniforms for Saturday.
Both teams are going to look good when they run out onto that field, and it's going to be a balmy 41° .
Perfect football weather!
I think we all know who's going to win...

"Navy sleeps with their socks on"

Though, I do admit, you guys make some solid sky art :tongue:

Good luck this Saturday!

You'll need it...
This looks like a good place to ask a few questions I've been wondering about. I'm pretty sure that the entire student bodies for both Army and Navy attend the annual games. Correct? Do the schools just bus them down for the day? Do they stay overnight? All weekend? What about other games during the season? Are all students required to go to the home games? What about away games? Do many students attend away games during the season and, if so, how many? How are you chosen to go?
Perhaps current Midshipmen can answer better, but I recall a convey of buses going to Beat Army the morning of the game.. Some have to return immediately after the game (duty, restriction, activities, etc). Others can spend the night, and return by bus or POV the next day.

All Midshipmen not on duty or otherwise obligated attend Home football games. The entire Brigade marches over before the game, marches onto the field, etc.
All home games are mandatory. Army Navy is also mandatory. Midshipman on weekend usually catch rides up to Philly. Plebes, some 3/C and upper class on duty or restriction will ride the buses. And yes it’s a mass convoy. The Supt will grant a weekend upon a Navy win and most Mids can then stay in Philly or return to Annapolis for the weekend. Exams start sometime next week so some Mids will head back anyways to study.
DD at USMA will be taking the Boomerang Bus, while others use a pass to stay in Philadelphia for the weekend. She doesn’t have the funds or connections to make arrangements for the weekend. Even though this is mandatory, you either make your own plans or you take the B.B. which will take you there and back without overnight accommodations.
There will be tons of Mids and Cadets heading up tonight and early tomorrow. Lots of events, competitions and other stuff that runs all day in Philly.