Army/Navy game, who's going?


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Jul 15, 2006
Should get my tickets in the mail in the next week or so I think. This will be my second year going, didn't go my son's plebe year. Taking the wife this year and it should be colder than (fill in the blank) this year in Philly.:biggrin:
peskes are going! Coming from San Diego....our only contact with our 2/c before she prepares for her entire second semester, 5 complete months in Amman, Jordan for Arabic language/cultural immersion.

Luckely got four for the greatest game in college football. Hope it will be a warm December.
I be there.

don't count on a warm spell. the accuweather prediction for the first snowfall in E PA is.....................................
Dec 6th of course!
I will be there. My girlfriends uncle and cousin went to West Point, so we tend to side with West Point, however, I know VADM Bill Lawrence's family will be there, and I had a great time with their family after the Navy v. Pitt game.

I may just have to cheer for the Coast Guard and assume America wins. :cool:
So some of our NAPS guys went to MAPS and "borrowed" their USMA Prep sign, haha that's another one down for the memory books
We're going!! Can't wait!!!

And it's already snowed a few times in Eastern PA. Someone should tell Accuweather.

Live in Connecticut which from anywhere is near New London. Never saw a traffic jam on 95 for any CG Football Game.:shake: SEMPER PARATUS:thumb: