Army-Navy Part II


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Jul 9, 2006
Anyone going?

Anyone know what time the march on begins?
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Negative. No fun going alone.

I'll be at home watching. :thumb:
I will be there with about fourty of my "closest" friends. Our class always leases a bus and we go up from the DC area.
Gates Open: 10:30 AM
Army March On: 11:50 AM
Navy March On: 12:20 PM
Kick Off: 2:34 PM

Since this is a death march for Army, I doubt if they will go willingly. Therefore their "march" on may take quite a bit longer.

Army will come out fired up. They may get a field goal. Slowly Navy's triple option and passing attack will begin to exploit Army's lack of any defense whatsoever. Navy will score at will and Navy defense will hold the Black Knights. When the Navy scrubs are playing late in the game, Army may score again. Final score, a blowout: Navy 49, Army 10.
Sandiegodude1607 said:
I'll probably be going...we'll see

What, do they give you guys a choice these days? :confused:

Or are you just being a wiseacre? :thumb:
Temperature-49d, partly cloudy, winds from WNW at 15-20mph. Navy has the west side of the stadium (shieded from the wind but in the shade).
Navy - 49 , Army - 10.