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Jun 15, 2006
Army-Navy tickets for the Class of 2011 go on sale June 13 and close June 30. I have always advised parents to go over to the NAAA ticket office on I-Day and sign up for tickets. The extended continuing dominance of Navy over Army has caused the Navy allocation of these tickets to become a premium. Since 2011 is the last block to open and close, there is a chance that all tickets will be sold out before the end of this window. My advice is this year to call the ticket office 1-800-US4-NAVY on June 13 and get at the top of the list. You may be able to do it online. Not sure. I think each candidate rates 2 tickets. You will probably need your candidate's Alpha number to process the order.

I am certain that Army parents will not have this problem.
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USNA Class of 2011 will receive information for purchasing tickets in the mail prior to IDay. This is only sent to the incoming Plebe Class, not to all USNA parents. You can specify on the order form to be seated in the section with other parents from your state. Tickets were mailed to us in November. Also, at PPW Omega Travel will have a table in Alumni Hall that will have the hotels on it where they have negotiated discounted blocks of rooms, last year the price was very good, and much cheaper that we were able to do on our own.

The Current Mids parents have to do it through Navy Sports and must have our mids alpha number to purchase tickets. Both the Plebe Parent purchase and "Mid" purchase is limited to 4 tickets. Mid purchased tickets will not be delivered to Bancroft, but must be sent to their home address.

Note: Omega is a travel agency in Bancroft located across from the Navy Federal Credit Union.
USNA Class of 2011 will receive information for purchasing tickets in the mail prior to IDay. This is only sent to the incoming Plebe Class, not to all USNA parents.

The point I was attempting to make is that A-N tickets are becoming a more prized commodity and that NAAA has added the caveat this year to the 2011 window, "while they last". I am simply suggesting that it might be beneficial to be proactive and call NAAA on June 13, when the 2011 allotment becomes available and be at the top of the list. It could very well prevent disappointment.
That caveat was also on the ticket form that we received for the Class of 2010; as it is also for the caveat for the current mids ordering. There was both the statement of "while tickets last" and there was a deadline for returning the form with payment. Army Navy tickets are a very hot commoditiy. We actually ordered our tickets prior to IDay using the form that was mailed to us in the beginning of June.

If you will need additional tickets as the limit through the Athletic Office is 4, last year there were many opportunities to buy tickets through the parents list serve. I would not rely on that for your primary source of tickets, however it was an avenue for additional tickets.
Profmom, please don't convolute the issue. Tickets for the class of 2011 go on sale June 13. For the last three years, ticket purchases have become increasingly more difficult each year. This year promises to be even worse. NAAA has changed the policy for buying A-N tickets for both Blue and Gold contributors and for season ticket holders. As a 20 year season ticket holder and A-N ticket purchaser, I am simply stating that to ensure getting tickets as a plebe parent, one should order them as soon as possible, preferably on June 13, the date that they become available.
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please don't convolute the issue

Certainly not trying to pass any "bad" information or dilute your information.

This forum is intended to help Service Academy Parents. By providing additonal information to what happened for the Class of 2010, what has been presented by Current Parents through our Parents Club and by the e-mail that we received in March from our Current Mid I would hope that we are all trying to serve the same purpose.
Anyone know if ROTC parents can get tickets to the big game? Without buying them from a consolidator or scalper.
Nope, They haven't been available to the general public for years. I don't know what the rules are for group sales. A ROTC unit, being military, might be eligible, but I doubt it.

Actually, on-line ticket sales are relativly cost effective. Due to a mix-up, I bought several on ebay last year at face value.
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