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    Well, the 2012 Rhodes Scholar recipients have been announced! And both USNA and it's junior college, USMA :wink: :tongue: have landed TWO (2) spots each from among the 30 or so recipients

    And USNA Mids have received 2 of 40 Marshall Scholarships, and 1 of 12 Mitchell Scholarships! [cool]

    Folks, these are the real BIG LEAGUES of academe! Super impressive! :thumb:

    Also, of particular note among these 5 outstanding scholars is that none are engineeriing majors. Chinese, English, history, Arabic minor, applied math, econ, etc. And they are all headed to grad programs that are non-technical. All this illustrates rightly or otherwise why USNA is considered one of the top liberal learning institutions in the world. Because it is! :thumb:

    No matter what one's major, USNA provides one of the most liberal educations possible when one looks at the expanse of both classroom and experiential learning. It's what the original academy was intended to look like. But in the end, the history majors are less narrow than they would be allowed to be ... and the engineering majors are less focused for the same reason.

    Congrats to all and GO NAVY!

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