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    My daughter is at USMA (plebe). We have been discussing her plans lately and she has some anxiety about her career plans concerning her choice of major. She would eventually like to end up in a health science field. She was initially planning to major in Kinesiology but now is considering psychology. Her ultimate goal is to be a clinical psychologist. Suicide awareness and prevention has been a cause she has been involved in since losing a friend to suicide in high school. Of course, she has read numerous articles about the mental health issues facing our military and she feels this is the eventual path she wants to take in the army also. She has some concerns about meeting these career goals thru far as branching etc. Any ideas how she could meet her goals....what path to take etc?
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    I am assuming she wants to be a clniical psychologist, if that is the case I actually haven't heard of any programs through which she could accomplish that immediately after WP; (usually is a phD type program I believe) however, that does not mean there isn't one out there.

    I would suggest she take a trip to the hospital on base and ask to see if she could speak to one of the psychologists there.

    Another path is medical school (psychiatry) that's an option she could pursue right away that I know of. Best bet is to talk to someone who is there. If there is an active duty psychiatrist there they may know as well if there aren't any psychologists to speak with.

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