Army ROTC Acceptance Questions


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Mar 9, 2017
Ever since I started my college search my Junior year, I have always seriously thought about ROTC, and commissioning into the army. Now after going through the whole process of applying to colleges, service academies, and applying for ROTC I have finally received the scholarship. When receiving it, I noticed it says "You may accept ONE Army ROTC Scholarship Offer. You must decline the remaining offers if any". I wanted to clarify what your obligations are when you accept this offer. If I accept it, I don't have to go to the school which I accepted? And, if I decide to go to the school, can I decide not to proceed with the scholarship? Can I decide to go to another school and not go through ROTC there.
Thanks for help.
You really have no obligation until you contract.
Even then you can walk away after the first year.
You may or may not be able to transfer your scholarship to another school.
The main take away is accept the scholarship by the deadline. It is not binding in anyway. If you want to transfer to another school you need to do it by the new deadline they give you. If you fail to accept you cannot go back and ask for it later. Your scholarship does not activate until you pass your DODMERB show up on campus, pass your fitness test and sign your contract. So yes you can go to school and not take the scholarship.