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    I applied for a 4 year Scholarship and did not receive one from the first board. I was just wanting to get some feedback on what my chances might be. Here are some of my credentials-

    ACT: 25
    GPA: 3.5
    4 years Varsity Tennis
    1 year Varsity Swim Team (Captain)
    Captain of the Speech and Debate Team (4 years)
    President and Leader of multiple school clubs and organizations
    Service trips across the country and internationally
    Numerous community service hours
    Part time job working at my church

    PT Scores
    Mile: 6:36
    Pushups: 67
    Situps: 45

    I live in Tennessee and my top schools are Middle Tennessee State University, University of Tennessee, East Tennessee State University, and University of South Carolina. I was hoping that my state school choices would give me a better chance and receiving a scholarship. Thank you so much and I look forward to your help.
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    ECs and PFT look good enough.

    The ACT score is probably good enough to get a scholarship at least on the 3rd board. You didn't mention whether the GPA was weighted or unweighted, how many AP classes, etc.

    As to your school choices, you are likely to get MTSU and ETSU as your ACT score is well in the top quartile, so you are likely to be higher scoring than other applicants. Not sure if UT or SC will have scholarships left when your number comes up.

    Overall, your school choices leave you in as good of a position as possible.

    Best of luck.

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