Army ROTC Scholarship Physical Fitness Test


May 23, 2017
As of today, all of my information and documents necessary have been submitted for the AROTC Scholarship application. I was not able to fully complete my application until recently due to a fibula fracture in my right leg from football. It took me over 3 months to rehabilitate from it and I finally took the PFT. Before I fractured my leg I had run a 6:26 mile, but I was unable to run for three months subsequently. I trained for it and got up to a 6:50 mile prior to the test, but at the Physical Fitness Test I ran a 7:59!!! I re-calculated the track that I ran after because I couldn't believe how slow of a time it was, and I discovered the distance I ran was longer than a mile. My test administrator must have calculated the distance wrong. Will this make a huge difference in my selection process? I can't reschedule a fitness test because of scheduling issues, my fitness test has already been submitted anyway, and my PMS interview is coming up. On the rest of my Fitness Test I got 49 push-ups in a minute and 53 curl-ups by the way.