Army ROTC Scholarship Process

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    After one year and four days, DS has completed his AROTC application-scholarship adventure. This process was an excellent lesson for DS, learning how the military and bureacratic machine works. For a year DS has encountered a myriad of requirements and hurdles in his quest to becoming an AROTC scholarship cadet. Application, interview, physical, medical waiver, scholarship, request to transfer scholarship, scholarship transfer denied, transfer denial appealed, and finally transfer granted.

    Staying focused on this process is central to becoming a cadet and future Army officer. The Army recognizes those future cadets who have his or her paper work in ahead of time and without error. Follow up is a key factor to ensure that Cadet Command and DODMERB remain on top of things. Establishing a name contact at these agencies helps the machine roll smoothly.

    As future cadets and officers, one must be his or her own advocate. Documenting the process, follow up emails, and keeping your chain of command informed will prompt your future cadre to offer those "times of guidance" are required.

    Best of luck to all future AROTC cadets who have entered the year long adventure of reaching your dream.
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    Excellent points, the application process is the first test

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