Army ROTC Scholarship Questions!

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    My file was completed on November 20, 2013, so I should be reviewed by the board on January 6, 2014. If anyone could take the time to look over my stats and answer some questions I would be grateful. (Btw I just joined this site and I'm sorry if I sound like such a noob.)

    Not sure it if helps but I'm a girl (17)

    GPA- 3.8UW, 4.4W
    Rank- 8/350
    All Dual Enrollment/AP/Honors courses

    Marching Band 2yrs (yes at my school this is a sport you can letter in!)
    Tennis 3yr letter (plan on doing it this year)
    Push-ups in 1 min- 32
    Sit ups in 1 min- 35
    1 mile run- 7:15

    Key club president 1yr
    Beta club member 3yrs
    National Honors Society 2yrs
    Band section leader 1yr
    Middle school tutor
    140 hrs of community service

    PMS- Interview went great and he maxed out my points for the interview section

    College I am attending/have gotten accepted into is the University of Central FL (honestly not the hardest school in the world to get into but has a great business program). I am going to major in Marketing with a minor in Digital Design.

    1) If I got a scholarship would I be notified by letter mail or email?
    2) I was told that I should keep in touch with the person in charge of my file but I have no clue who that is or any contact info
    3) Does the scholarship pay for which ever is cheaper out of room/board and tuition or would that be up to me?
    4) If I didn't get the scholarship but still enrolled into the class, would I have to pay for the class and any uniforms/equipment?

    For anybody still reading, thank you!
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