Army vs. Navy Nurse Corp

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by equestriangrl93, Apr 18, 2011.

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    I'm interested in either the Army or Navy Nurse Corp. I would like more info (daily life, where I'd be stationed, training during ROTC, ect.) What are the pro, cons and differences between the two branches? As an officer, I want the opportunity to be leader, what kind of leadership roles does an officer who's a nurse have as oppose to say an infantry officer?
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    Here are two websites that you might find useful:

    They give a comprehensive view of Navy and Army Nursing. As a Nurse you will be a professional nurse and a leader. There are many opportunities for specialization and professional growth - including graduate school.

    Keep in mind - to be a Navy or Army Nurse you don't have to take ROTC in college. Many nurses are directly commissioned. I would also advise you to contact an OFFICER recruiter - for each Navy and Army and speak with them. There is no obligation to talk!
    Finally, don't forget Air Force Nursing!

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