Army West Point - Navy Basketball, Lax, FB Dates and Caution

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Sep 27, 2008
I am just transcribing key sports dates on the house planning calendar, and decided to highlight this one for Plebe families.

Sat, 18 Feb, Army West Point - Navy basketball double-header

It coincides with a 3-day weekend. Over the years, this has occasionally been made a mandatory attendance (good TV background) for the Brigade, or portions thereof, quite often the lucky Plebe class who gets voluntold to go. If your Plebe is happily making plans for that weekend, or you are for a visit, that should be factored in. If incoming Brigade staff is on the ball, they will discuss with the Dant and get a decision early, so mids can plan. They are also fun games to attend, and you will definitely need tix in advance. Current mids will already have been through this drill and may have insight. As always, just because attendance policy was "x" one year, does not mean it will be the same this year.

Women at 11, men 1:30.

P.S. I use "Army West Point" because that's how they require it in official Navy sports materials, and I also get a perverse kick out of the branding maneuver.

Men's Lacrosse:
15 Apr (Easter weekend) A-N **** has at times been mandatory for all or part of the Brigade

7 Oct Navy-Air Force at Annapolis
9 Dec A-N in Philly
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Capt MJ, do you know if the Navy-Air Force game on Oct 7 coincides with 2/c parent weekend?
Capt MJ, do you know if the Navy-Air Force game on Oct 7 coincides with 2/c parent weekend?

Sure don't, but that would be a good one. I think that is usually firmed up in the summer. Keep an eye on the usual calendars and an ear tuned to Parents Club chatter.

Wow - time passes, yes?
Incredibly fast. Still amazed, especially when DS talks about plans for 2/c and 1/c years and beyond.
Last year, basketball attendance was mandated by battalion. Upperclassmen will have their share of mando fun on three day weekends.
Basketball attendance mandatory ? In my day, Plebes were required to attend one sporting event each weekend promoted attendance at some of the less visible sports. Of course, we often went to whatever took the least time. My one regret is never going to a Navy Basketball game and seeing David Robinson play .
Last CNP, a USNA alumnus, likes to visit and attend the men's BB game. But since we lose every time he shows up, the Supe was talking about "banning" him from coming.

Fast forward, he is now VCNO and is at a higher rank. I wonder if Supe is going to enforce the band? :D