AROTC and Vet School?

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by Aero, Apr 24, 2014.

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    I'm hoping someone here can help give me a general idea of how this might work.

    I was awarded a 4-year Army ROTC Scholarship to Purdue (YAY!) during the 2nd board with a Major in Pre-Veterinary Studies. My dream is to commission into the Army Veterinary Corps. I'm graduating High School with 45 college credits. At Purdue, by credits, this makes me a 2nd Semester Sophomore instead of an incoming Freshman. The great thing about all these credits is that it cuts down on my Pre-Vet requisite classes which now, instead of taking 4 years to complete, will only take 2 years to complete. After my pre-reqs are completed, I can choose to apply to vet school immediately, without first getting my B.S.. Granted I get in to Vet School the first time I apply, that would mean my total years of schooling would only be 6, not 8, as long as everything goes as planned :thumb:

    Now, my question is, does anyone know how my ROTC scholarship would play in to only 2 years of undergrad studies and then Vet School?

    My ROO at Purdue and I have been going back and forth for the past few months, even contacting the Vet School, trying to figure everything out. He believes that since I am not getting my Bachelor's Degree I will not need to get an ED to continue into Vet School because I can't commission without a degree, and I wouldn't have any degree at all until after Vet School. Also, since I'm only doing 2 years of Undergrad studies, where does that leave my 4-year scholarship?And can I still be part of the ROTC there while I'm in Vet School?

    Or should I simply "fluff" my schedule and resume for another 2 years of undergrad studies to get my Bachelor's and pick up another major?

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
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    I'm reminded of the guy who, in order to save time, asked to have his suit pressed while he was wearing it. It might work, but there was a pretty good chance that at some point he was going to get burned.
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    I'm fairly certain you cannot commission into the Veterinarian Corps out of ROTC. You'll probably have to apply for a HPSP Scholarship in order to attend vet school, and take the commission after graduation, or simply attend vet school and apply for a direct commission upon graduation.
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    I believe, to receive the scholarship, you must agree to pursue and receive a BS / BA degree. That's how it was back in "the days". Oh, and may I add... A bachelor’s degree isn't "fluff" if you, for some reason, cannot finish veterinary school. A BS degreee is a good back up plan.

    Also... Word to the wise young Padawan... College is not only an education, it's an experience. It's not a race, it's a journey. You will receive no trophy for crossing the finish line first. Use these next 4-8 years wisely.
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    Vet school admission

    Make sure you know the "ins and out's" of vet school admission. There are only about 30 accredited schools in the whole nation. Maybe you have an inside track, but for most it is far from a guaranteed path.

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