AROTC Application and GPA Updates


Jun 17, 2017
My son's (12th grade) GPA has improved since his application was submitted. At the end of his Junior year his GPA was a 3.45. He has made straight A's this year and his GPA has improved to a 3.7.
Are we able to update this in the system, or does the Army only care about their GPA at the end of their Junior year? I understand nothing will get done until after the shutdown.
I believe you can update the GPA into the portal if still not closed and boarded. I think ROTC use Unweighted GPA to the nearest 10th. So if your DS got 3.69 cumulative they will ask you to calculate as 3.6 Unweighted or 3.79 as 3.7. You also need to submit upload updated Transcript, student or official copy to the portal on the upload section. You will see the light turn from yellow to green when they approve your upload. Takes about a day to change. Pretty quick. They will request a final and official copy when you enroll in a program. So be honest. I think ok to send unofficial student copy for now. Good luck.
Hello, I submitted an updated transcript last week and the file was approved, but the GPA never changed.
I noticed the wording on the application is as such
"Please provide your cumulative UNWEIGHTED grade point average for grades 9-11. DO NOT round up. For example, a 2.99 should be reported as a 2.9.
Note: Grades are reported on a 4.0 Scale (ie., 2.5, 3.0, etc). You must provide a copy of your FINAL 11th grade transcript. We will accept a mailed copy, scanned and e-mailed copy, legible faxed copy, or uploaded copy via the File Upload tab.
The wording doesn't say anything about 12th grade grades. Has anyone had any success with updating 12th grade grades?
They care about through Junior year. They will only want Senior year to verify they did not just fail all their classes.