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    I visited Embry-Riddle at Daytona Beach, and I happened to like the school. I received the 3yr AROTC scholarship to pursue Aerospace Engineering. Since I have the 3yr scholarship, they are giving me a $15,000 ROTC assurance grant my first year. Then once I'm on scholarship, the school will give me a $5,000 grant each year. However, despite the financial aid, I still have to pay $41,000-ish over four years. I was also looking at TAMU, but I will have to pursue physics and it's roughly $56,000-ish over four years. I guess my question is - how do the AROTC units compare at each school (SMC vs traditional)? Is it worth it to attend a SMC if it'll cost me more in the long run? I apologize if it sounds like I'm just rambling on, and thank you for helping me in any way!
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    Obviously two totally different atmospheres between those two schools. I can tell you that my daughter went the smaller school route and aside from limited food options, the main thing she missed was the atmosphere of going to school sporting events (her high school was a football, baseball and wrestling powerhouse). I personally love college football and the state of Texas so that would be a no brainer for me between those two schools. However, reading between the lines, it sounds idk you may prefer ERAU and you need to go where you'll be happy. The happier you are, the better you'll do in school.

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