AROTC board met in Feb already???


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Jan 5, 2009
I got this email today
Dear ---------------,

Reference your application for an Army ROTC 4-year scholarship. Please comply with those items <br>annotated.

.Other - Presidents Fitness Test

Please complete and respond by 28 February. An incomplete application may result in your <br> application not being considered by the Professor of Military Science.
We have your application at Cadet Command Headquarters. We will notify you monthly of what <br> may be missing. If you have already sent these items, please disregard this notice. If you <br> are working on completing your application, this is just a friendly reminder. Inquiries <br> should be addressed to
To access the current status of your application, please call 1-888-251-6983 or check your <br> status on the web at Thank you.

I called my POC about 2 weeks ago and they said is meeting FEB 10-13. I am doing the presidential fitness test tomorrow and faxing it over, so I can have two boards look at my scholarships?

Does this email necessarily mean that they met already?
No, the email does not mean they met. They are simply stating what you need to finish and turn in before your packet is complete and goes to the board. Get it in as soon as possible so you can make the February board. There are only about three boards left to meet for next year's scholarships, so it's to your advantage to have as many "looks" as possible from the remaining boards.
Thank you for replying!:biggrin:

I will take my fitness test with my hockey coach and fax it tommorow!