AROTC CLC Packing List for 2016

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    Cadet Summer Training 16
    CLC and CIET Cadet Packing list
    Clothing Bag Items issued at program level (Uniform Sizes are NSN specific)1

    Belt, Tan (Riggers) 1
    Boots, Combat Hot Weather 1
    Boots, Combat, Temperate Weather, Type II, Tan 1
    Cap, Synthetic Microfleece, Green 1
    Coat, ACU (Permethrin) 4
    Gloves, Light Duty Utility, (LDUG) 1
    Patrol Cap, ACU 2
    Socks, (Blk/Grn) 4
    Trousers, ACU (Permethrin) (Must Fit Properly) 4
    T-Shirt, Cotton, Sand Colored (Moist Wick) 4
    Belt, reflective (yellow) 1
    US Flag Patches 3
    US Army, ACU Velcro 3
    Tape Name, ACU Velcro 3
    Cadet Command Unit Patch 2
    OCIE items issued at program level 2
    Bag Duffel 2
    Bag, Barracks 1
    Bag, Patrol, Sleeping/FOLIAGE GRN/X-LG 1
    Bag, Waterproof 2
    Belt, Molded Waist 1
    Bivy Cover Sleeping 1
    Canteen, 1 Quart Water Plastic 2
    Cover, Helmet 1
    Cup, Canteen 1
    Elbow Pads 1
    Eye o/Spec Kit Ball/Laser (1 only)U-VEX 1
    Core Rifleman SET, componets listed below A thru H: 13
    A. Fight Load Carrier (1ea)
    B. Pouch, Hand Grenade (2ea)
    C. Pouch, M4 Double Mag (2 Mag Ammo pouch) (3ea)

    D. Pouch, Triple Mag (3 Mag Ammo pouch) (2ea)
    E. Pouch, Utility-Canteen (2ea)
    F. Hydration System Carrier w/o bladder (1ea)
    G. Pack, Assault (1ea)
    H. Waist Pack (Butt Pack) w/straps (1ea)
    Hydration System BLADDER 1 4
    First Aid Kit (IFAK) (External Med MO) 1
    Flight Gloves, Nomex, Sage Green-mns working gloves 1
    Helmet, Ballistics, Helmet Grd Trp OR Army Cambat Helmet
    1 5
    Helmet, Grd Trp Prchutst
    Helmet, Advanced Combat
    Helmet, Band Camoflauge (Cat eyes) 1
    Knee Pads 1
    Liner, Wet Weather, Poncho 1
    Mat Sleeping (Foam Pad or Self inflating) 1
    Pack Frame, Molle 1
    Pack, Patrol Main Molle (RUCKSACK LG) 1
    Parka Wet Weather 1
    Poncho Wet Weather 1
    Pouch, Sustainment 2
    Straps, Shoulder 1
    Stuff Sack Compression Blk 1
    Trousers, Wet Weather 1
    Buckle, Male Shoulder 2
    Load Lifter Attachment 2
    1Uniform items must be UCP pattern
    2OCIE Camouflage patterns can be mixed (UCP with Woodland)
    3The Core Rifleman Set (8465-01-525-0578) Consist of 8 components (A-H). The components and Qtys are listed to aid in building a complete Core Riflemen Set. Use components to build a complete Core Rifleman Set before ordering a new one
    4Hydration bladders are available in multiple sizes. Ensure the correct bladder is available for the OH hydration carrier
    5Both the Kevlar and ACH are authorized for wear at CST
    Items issued at Program level if Available:
    Cadet Handbook (recommend issue at programs) 1
    Camouflage Stick- Green/Loam 1
    550 Cord (10m) (GRN/BLK) 10M
    Protractor, Map 1
    Terrain Model Kit (for use during tactical training) 1
    Lensatic Compass 1
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