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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by CoachBart, Jun 4, 2013.

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    Hello, I have a question about Army ROTC Contracting. DS is a cadet at the University of North Georgia. He completed his first semester and earned 15 credits. He took the spring semester off and joined the Army National Guard and completed both Basic Training and AIT (infantry) at Ft. Benning and actually graduated on Memorial Day weekend. He is currently enrolled for the summer session at UNG where he will earn 9 credits at the Summer Language Institute where he is taking Arabic as part of the Project Go Scholarship Program. He is already registered as a full time student for Fall/2013 as well. DS wants to be a part of the SMP when he is eligible. After the fall semester DS will have a total of 37 credits. He has a solid 3.9 gpa after his first semester. What are the steps he needs to take during the fall semester to become a part of the SMP program? Part 2 of my question is how and when will DS get to be a contracted ROTC cadet? Does he need to let his ROTC instructors know that he is interested in this? Please give me advice and guidance and I will pass it on to DS. Thanks in advance for answering my questions.
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    To be an SMP cadet, there are pretty much just three steps:

    1) Be a contracted cadet in ROTC. This of course includes being DoDMERB approved, doing the 104-R worksheet, etc.

    2) Get an SMP contract signed by the cadet and their unit commander. These are different forms for Guard and Reserve, but are similar in nature. The unit commander must consent to having the soldier serve in an SMP position, as they will be no longer holding their MOS and be non-deployable.

    3. Be at least an MS2. You can be a cadet and a guard/reserve soldier, but you can't be put into the SMP status until your MS2 year.

    Source: I was an SMP cadet (now commissioned) and know several SMP cadets that I've helped get into SMP status.
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    Have your DS contact cadre and/or instructors ASAP - fall return at latest. He will need to complete the fall semester to technically have sophomore academic standing, but the DoDMERB can take a while so maybe cadre could start that sooner than later.(if your DS already has DoDMERB clearance from a previous academy application it is only good for two years of the date is was completed). UNG will have an assigned number of contracts to offer his year so finding out that number vs the number of cadets interested in the SMP program would be valuable.

    Both Georgia National Guard and UNG cadre will have a say in this, as khergan mentioned. The process of paper work is similar to the scholarship application process:rolleyes: so be prepared to hurry up and wait and wait and wait....but my DS is very pleased with his SMP assignment and says it has all been worth it.

    Congrats to your DS on graduation from BCT/AIT!

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