AROTC Four Year Winner...Ready to Accept


Nov 14, 2017
Hello all,

This site has been very informative over the last few months as my daughter navigated the AROTC Scholarship program. Many thanks to all that post here!!!!

For those of you still waiting to hear and for those of you considering the process, it is clear that the awards are truly based on evaluations of the "whole person" and the Scolar Athlete Leader combination. So be sure that you give as much differentiating information as possible in the application. Don't relay on just the numbers. My daughter's grades and scores are not nearly as high as many of the other applicants, but she has set herself apart in many other unique ways. I am very happy to see that the Army process truly looks at all aspects of an applicant's history to make scholarship decisions.

Thursday night, she got a call from the ROO at her first choice school (The Citadel), advising her that she was a 4 year winner for her top three choices of schools (Citadel, ERAU and College of Charleston). She was thrilled and we are extremely proud of her!

Now we have a few questions:

We have looked on the site to see if there is a way to accept the scholarship, but have had no luck finding anything. The instructions specify to upload the acceptance and the upload document labels include acceptance verification. Is there a way to accept online now? I am assuming she will get something in the mail, or email soon with more specific instructions.

She is ready for the DoDMERB and we have a question. Given the extent of the evaluation, should we bring supporting medical records to the initial exam? When my daughter went through the Citadel Medical Qualification, she had to send a physician statement about her history of a broken wrist, her treatment and her full release for all activities. Should we bring that documentation to the DoDMERB to expedite the process?

The scholarship site "Additional Information" includes a section on HS award presentation, but it is blank. Does the Army do a formal presentation of the scholarship during the typical HS Senior Awards ceremony? If so, how do we arrange this through the school and the Army? My daughter's school is not very "military oriented" and has very little experience with this type of thing.

Thanks again to all of you that have posted here! It made a difference for us!

My suggestion regarding accepting the scholarship is to wait until the packet arrives in the mail. It will give you all the information you need.
Be patient as it may take a week or more to arrive.

Regarding scholarship presentation, luckily my son was not interested in being publicly recognized. His high school would not recognize ROTC scholarship winners at the end of year award ceremony nor was he contacted by anyone offering the option to do so.
When my son did his interview, they mentioned to us that if he won they would send someone to present at his senior awards night. His high school is doing a signing ceremony for him soon like they do for athletes getting scholarships.
Just noticed the Winner Letter is now uploaded in his portal.
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^^yes, located in file upload section. Looks like 9 December is the suspense to accept to one of three schools.

This just got real for my son as he will have to make a school decision...
Just checked the portal...nothing there yet. I'm sure he process takes time!


^^yes, located in file upload section. Looks like 9 December is the suspense to accept to one of three schools.

This just got real for my son as he will have to make a school decision...
The letter states conditional acceptance based on medical qualification.? My DD is already qualified through Dodmerb. Is there a different medical qualification or ROTC?
Winner winner chicken dinner!! Congratulations your daughter just won the lottery! Welcome!! She has a lot of fun ahead of her!!

It is a form letter. There is no other qualification for incoming MS-I cadets.

They will accept DoDMERB, but before contracting will require a form stating that the cadet's health has not changed since the exam.

This language leaves them an "out" if you broke nineteen bones leaving the DoDMERB exam office. :eek: