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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by lefew, Jul 3, 2012.

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    Jul 3, 2012
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    So, my application is done and all I have left is to set-up an interview and take the fitness test. Am I allowed to take the interview before the PT test or do I have to take the PT test and then schedule the interview?
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    Feb 11, 2011
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    It is up to you to call and schedule your interview with the battalion that you want to interview with. I would ask them. Some like to give you a pt test themselves so they see with their own eyes that you are fit.
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    What Packer said, In my experience you have 1 of two options.

    1. Call the brigrade and schedule the interview and PT test, this can go both ways becuase if you do well on the PT test, the PMS (Professor of Military Science) may be more inclined to take a liking to you and it makes the interview easier. The other side to that is if you dont meet his/her standards it may make the interview awkward.

    2. Train hard for the PT test and have someone else administer it, so you can avoid option 1 completely. Then you have something to talk about in your interview and it may help, meaning you already have everthing done and you're ready to start your career in the military.

    I just graduated, recieved an aROTC scholarship and know what you're going through.

    Some tips for the interview,
    -wear a suit
    -find the criteria that you will be assesed on (yea its out there somewhere, i found it and it helped tremendously) By knowing how you will be evaluated, you can better prepare your self.
    -Have back ups, know what schools you want to go to (have a preferance and a backup), and make sure they have an ROTC program. Nothing screams im ready than having your packet done, like you already do, and knowing what your going to do with the scholarship.
    -Also if you're avid on doing ROTC, tell them that, even if i didn't recieve a scholarship I would have done it anyway.
    -Contact all the college's ROTC battalions and tell them you want to go there. even if its not your first choice. The college i applied to only had 7 scholarships and 130 teenagers from all over the country listed my college as one they wanted a scholarship to. By contacting the battalion, and maybe even visiting if its not too expensive, it will help your odds.

    If you have specific questions feel free to message me due to the fact im fresh off the application. Hope everything goes your way.

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