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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by Jay1, Dec 13, 2010.

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    My son was fortunate enough to receive an AROTC scholarship to his #1 school choice, but just found out today his application has been deferred to the RD period. I understand that there is only a 10% likelihood of his being admitted at this point. His scholarship was awarded to one other school, at which his chances of admission are much higher but the school is not high on his list. He must respond by the 19th. He would like to be able to transfer the scholarship to another school. My question is will the scholarship be more easily transferable to another school on his list if he checks #1 and does not get in, as opposed to accepting the safer bet where he will most likely be admitted. Or, by checking #1 at this point, does he put himself in serious jeopardy of losing the scholarship altogether? In other words, is the case for transference stronger for someone who did not get in to their school of intent or does it not make a difference? Any help on this dilemma would be greatly appreciated!
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    My son talked to ROO at Ohio State, he was told that under the current budget conditions, transfers are now "highly unlikely".
    As compared to a year or two ago when they were easy.

    He was also told that he was better off taking the school where he could get accepted, and then trying to transfer. That way he had it (the scholarship), and could transfer it if the PMS's at both schools agreed to the move - as long as the school was on his school of intent list he 'might' be able to transfer... before college started, or more likely after his freshman or sophomore year of college (assuming that he did well, GPA and ROTC)

    But the #1 thing ... your son needs to talk to the PMS's involved.
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    If the PMSs agree to it. That is a pretty big if. Some PMSs look at the big picture, support the Army goal of commissioning high caliber students, and make the transfer happen. If a PMS had a particularly meagre recruiting year, he/she might try to stop the transfer from happening.

    I would go for the bird in hand.

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