AROTC Nurse Cadet to Airborne?


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Aug 3, 2014
My son is deciding on Airborne school tomorrow for Cadre. As a nursing student, would this training direct his career in any way? For example, would it keep him out of Fort Sam? He is hoping for San Antonio...
So it wouldn't directly effect his ROTC career, however it could open the door further down the road in terms of getting into some high-speed units i.e. Airborne forward surgical teams.
He should try to get the airborne slot as a cadet. It adds to the OML points which impacts choice of 1st assignment if near the top.

It should not negatively impact a first assignment to San Antonio. The vast majority of nurses go to a Med Center for first assignment and San Antonio is one of the Med Centers.
and of course Nurse Corps attend OBC at Fort Sam also, its an inevitable stop for AMEDD folks
I was an Army Nurse who attended Airborne as a cadet and it gave me massive respect points from peers throughout my career. It also was a great conversation starter when dealing with my patients, etc.