AROTC Nursing Scholarship General?


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Sep 10, 2015
Hello there. My name is CJ and was recently awarded a 3 year designee AROTC scholarship. I specifically applied for a nursing scholarship through the portal application, but when I received my scholarship offer letter couple of days ago, the offer letter does not specifically address it. Is this normal? How will I know if I am really penciled in for a nursing scholarship? Any feedback from everyone who has the same experience would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
My son was awarded a 3 year designee scholarship. His states the same as yours. I am sure they are tracking it on the cadet command side.
There's really no difference on your end if it's "nursing" is indicated or not. The scholarship just comes from a different pot of money. I'm not sure how it works for 3 year scholarships but I know when I get my 4 year way back in "must maintain nursing major" was written in my contract.
My daughter is currently a sophomore in nursing on a 3 year AD, hers also did not sway anything different, however each school she was awarded at verified it was for nursing. Definitely if you are given a nursing scholarship they expect you to be a nurse. Congratulations!!!!
Yes my DS also received a 3 year AD scholarship, unspecified. But he applied for a nursing scholarship and he was expected to go nursing. He is 3rd semester nursing school. Congrats! Study, study, study, study, etc. :)