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    With the recent cutbacks, we've all been made aware of how competitive it is becoming to get a nursing scholarship these days.

    But does anyone know about how tough it is going to be now that they are commissioning around 140-160 nurses instead of 200+? I have asked my PMS and other cadre but they don't seem to have any answers as it relates to nursing, just that "it's harder now".

    If anyone knows a nursing cadet who recently went AD, what were there scores like (GPA, PT, etc)? I'm a pretty good student and one of the top in PT at my battalion, but I literally have nothing to compare myself to. I want to go AD when I graduate (MAY16) and I want to start getting an idea of how realistic this is, or if I should be planning on being in the guard/reserves. Any help is much appreciated!
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    Aim for a 3.5 GPA, 300 APFT, and performing as well as possible at CLC (not sure what evals they'll use... I know some sort of testing is involved). Get easy points where you can if you're struggling elsewhere. I'm not nursing, but I got 300's on all APFTs, got an E at LDAC, but only had a 3.0 when I accessed. I got active duty first choice. Things are changing though, so be weary of what stats people provide you with.

    Bottom line, be a PT STUD, study hard, get a tutor as needed, and ask for help in ROTC if you need it (tactics, OPORDS, anything). Keep your goal on your mind that you want to be an active nurse, and you can make it happen.

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