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    I had received a full 4 year AROTC scholarship to my local university to start as a freshman August 2009. I recieved it in the first round of selections. I then later recieved my LOA, my MOC nomination, and finally my appointment to the USMA class of 2013.

    I accepted my appointment to USMA but had to decline it for personal reasons (nothing medical or physical or anything that would DQ me) 2 weeks before R-day.

    The problem is I had already declined my ROTC scholarship in May.
    I have been in contact with cadet command and the PMS at the university where I was to go. I am trying to see if the original scholarship can be re-awarded and also have enquired about the other funding I have heard about for candidates to USMA but that dont attend. I heard there was separate funds for them to recieve ROTC scholarships.

    It appears that I can apply for the 4 year scholarship again online same as before but it would be for the freshman class of 2014. From what I have determined, that would mean that I cannot attand any college prior to that because to recieve the 4-year scholarship you must have FOUR years remaining recieving the scholarship until graduation. I have been told I am almost SURE to be awarded the 4-year again but I really hate to have to put off taking college classes for an entire year.

    The other alternative is to apply for a 3-year AROTC scholarship but I cannot find any way to select that option online and it appears there may be far less opportunity to be awarded the 3 year scholarship.

    Is there ANY way one can apply for the 4-year now to start in the fall of 2010 but attend college at my own cost until then...then when the 4-year is awarded to have it still apply for my remaining 3 years of college or a way to "transfer" it to a 3-year scholarship?

    Or, is there a way that I can apply for a 3-year scholarship NOW.

    I also really need to know the chances for recieving 3-year scholarships versus the 4-year.
    Direct contact with cadet command is very tough...I have had a bit of communication with them but am still waiting to hear back from them.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I HAD the full 4-year ROTC and USMA appointment and now I have nothing and am desparate to find out my options and the best route to getting another ROTC scholarship.

    Please help!:frown:
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    Definitely call the PMS or enrollment officer at your college. Better yet, go there and meet with them face to face if at all possible. The sooner the better. These folks are the best ones to advise you on all of your options. Explain to them what happened etc....

    You apply for a three year scholarship through your Battalion - not through Cadet command. If you can't get your scholarship back you can still sign up for the same ROTC class and be a non-scholarship cadet.

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