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AROTC "Profile" and Questions

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by Tatro136, Feb 29, 2016.

  1. Tatro136

    Tatro136 New Member

    Feb 29, 2016
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    I am currently a Junior in high school and am interested in applying for the Army ROTC scholarship. I have dreamed of joining the Army since middle school as i have always looked up to my father (Current 1SG in 1-12 Cav) and my grandfather (served in the Vietnam War.) Today, I have goals of becoming an 11A, or Infantry Officer, and maybe even going into the 75th Ranger Regiment. Anyways, I'll start with giving a profile

    Academics: Currently a Junior I have a 2.44 UW (which I know is under the req. for a scholarship) GPA and a 3.14 Weighted. However, during my freshman and sophomore year I did not have a clear mindset with clear goals, and did not take academics seriously. At the end of my sophomore year I noticed and took two dual credit classes (speech and government) at my local community college. This school year, I am in AP Physics, Dual Credit English, and Dual Credit US History; Which I believe I perform well in (2 As and 1B). Surprisingly, this year I have earned a letter for academics. I know my GPA is terrible, but I do stress the improvement I made in this past year, and I also am trying to do good this semester to improve my GPA. This summer I plan to take two dual credit classes, and in my senior year I plan to take 5 AP classes.
    As for SAT and ACT, the last time I took it was in 7th grade and I scored in the 500s for Math and CR. I am taking the SAT next weekend, but the scaling has been changed on the SAT (max score now 1300) so I cannot give an accurate guess of where I will land

    Athletics: I am currently in my 3rd year of swimming, my first two years were JV and my current year on Varsity, but I have earned 2 letters in swimming. I have also participated in JV cross-country. Next year I will be doing swimming and cross-country as well. I also perform well (in my mind) on the APFT. I can do 73 push-ups, 66 sit-ups, and just under a 7:00 mile.

    Extra Curricular: I am in my 2nd year of AJROTC (didn't participate freshman year). Other than that I do not have anything besides a full-time job between 10th and 11th grade, and a part time job at the moment. However, next year I believe I will be able to be in NHS as I think this semester and my college classes might bring my GPA up enough. Next year I will also be participating in Model UN, Student gov, and mock trial.

    Question time!
    * I am familiar with the way that OML is scored and the concept of being 'rolled over'. However, I am wondering if I will be re-ranked at each board. If I don't make the first board, am I able to add more stuff to my profile to give me a better chance in the 2nd and 3rd board, or will they show they same stats in the 1st-3rd board. I'm hoping that you are re-evaluated between boards, because I will be able to add my first semester of my senior year coming into the 3rd board to give my GPA a boost.
    *Could nominations give a possible boost? My father was recently (this month) put into an ROTC instructor position at Howard University in MD, and has actually gotten to meet and become known with a 3 star general who works at West Point, along with some Brigadier Generals in the area. If I was able to get a letter of recommend from them, could this help my profile, or are letters of recommend not considered in scholarships.

    I know I am capable of being in ROTC and going on to be a successful officer in the United States Army. However, I am held back by my performance in my freshman and sophomore years, which I believe do not show the type of person I really am
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  2. Jcc123

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    Apr 19, 2010
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    1300 is not the max on the SAT - it's 1600.

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