AROTC scholarship from Jan board--where to send acceptance?

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by rotc2011hopeful, Mar 7, 2011.

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    Has anyone whose DS/DD received a scholarship offer from the Jan 11 board sent in their notification letter? I thought CC moved. According to the instructions, the address to send it is Ft. Monroe, VA. The fax number is a 757 area code---which is also Virginia. I thought the whole shebang moved to Ft. Knox, KY?

    Advice? Just send it to VA and let it get forwarded?

    This may complicate matters a tad.....
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    Involve your PMS - and keep him up to date.
    He now has a vested interest in everything you do.

    DS signed and scanned notification letter, saved it as a PDF and emailed it to the email address provided on the letter, and faxed to number provided.
    DS sent a PDF copy to the PMS at the accepted school, to let him know it was accepted, and he could check off on my DS.
    In the email to the PMS - DS requested that the PMS confirm that CC had received it.
    PMS emailed back a confirmation several days later that he could see accepted status update on CC system.
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    They are still using the old fax numbers. Their probably just re-routed to the new location or faxes might even be converted to electronic docs so the locations change wouldn't matter.

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