AROTC Scholarship Notification


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Sep 27, 2008
Anyone know when we should if we got one? I heard they would be sent out the 10th of Oct but a mom on said her son got his yesterday.
i have no clue! i am still waiting on mine. i dont know if you have to be cleared by dodmerb before they offer it to you or not
Glad I'm not the only one lol, I was wondering the same thing because I am in the middle of getting a waiver right now, but I was told you just have to pass DODMERB to accept it, not to be offered a scholarship. But, my confusion is this, my number one choice school sent me a letter saying that I was in the top 10% of rotc applicants and all that, someone on the board said that they took something like 95 out of 200 applicants this round, so I have no idea what is going on.
Oh yeah, also over there, there is a mom who said her son got his two days ago and it was sent on the 3rd of Oct.
You gentlemen are quite amazing. You keep going to the well and asking folks who don't know the accurate truth about what's going on....but anyway, here's the partial answer to your question. For ALL ROTC programs, you may be offered a scholarship IRRESPECTIVE of your DoDMERB or waiver status. The activation of the scholarship is ALWAYS contingent on final receipt of DoDMERB determination of MEETING medical standards OR the granting of a medcial waiver from the ROTC program to which you applied.:thumb:
Thanks for your help. Do you know when they were supposed to send out the first scholarship notifications?
I do not, but that sounds like an excellent question I would ask US Army Cadet at this web site: nd then pick your state:thumb:

I submit to you to focus on your questions and ask the appropriate people. This Forum is best used for "discussions;" not to obtain factual data that is best provided by the actual source:thumb:
I am a MS1 at John Carroll, I was notified in oct. of my 4 year to JCU. I was notified by the battalion commander. A few weeks later I was notified by Cadet Command. My DODMERB was done in July before my senior year because I also applied to USMA.