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    Hey everyone, just a couple of quick questions in regards to AROTC and scholarships. A little background that may help my questions/situation make more sense. I just finished my MSIII year, but I still have a year and a half left before I graduate (set to graduate in Dec. 2015). I had a unique path to ROTC and had to push back my graduation a semester in order to receive a contract. Due to this, I will not receive any financial aid my last semester since all my scholarships and grants are only available for 4 years total. With that being said, I recently applied for, and was awarded, a 1.5 year AROTC scholarship. However, as of right now, I have my full tuition paid for with other scholarships and grants. I really just needed the AROTC scholarship for the final semester. My question is:

    I know the AROTC scholarship can be used to cover tuition OR room and board; however, I am a commuter student and do not live on campus and have my full tuition paid for already. So, if I already have tuition paid for, but elect for the ROTC scholarship to pay for tuition, would the Army look at the balance I owe to the school (which would be $0) and assume they don't have to pay anything. Or, would they automatically write a check for the cost of tuition without regards to what is already being paid. In short, would I be better opting to have tuition paid or room and board even though I live off campus.

    My other question, which has nothing to do with the scholarship, but I figured I'd throw it all in one thread. Although I did just complete my MSIII year, I did not go to LDAC this summer because I needed a medical waiver that did not come through in time. With that being said, any idea what I'll go through next summer since they're having all these LDAC "issues" this summer? I've heard there is a seven week course replacing LDAC, but I'm not sure if this is fact or fiction. I really just want to know what's going to happen in my case for accessions when I graduate.

    Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you all for your time. Feel free to PM me.

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