AROTC Undergrad timeline to graduate


Jun 15, 2016
DS submitted his 104-R as required for contracting. Obviously, things change as college moves forward, and I'm sure there's a process to change/update.

One question I have (and he doesn't know yet): what happens if a student needs an additional semester to graduate? Back in the day, I think most of my cohort needed 1 or 2 extra semesters (especially engineering majors). We all branched and commissioned at the end of our MS IV year, but obviously didn't report for duty until after graduation.

If your graduation needs to push a semester, do you just inform your cadre/cadet command, and keep plugging away? Anything new or special in today's ROTC world?
I dont have an answer for you but I am also curious. Many engineering programs are actually 5 years so I have to imagine that for them the extension is automatic. What happens if someone is missing a class or so and needs and extra semester is a good question.
Hopefully a ROO can chime in here for the best advice, but here are my two cents as a dad of an MS-III.

The 104-R as originally submitted to the cadre should be compliant to on-time graduation and is reviewed each semester by the cadet's military advisor.

In other words, there should never be any surprises to the cadre.

In the event a class is dropped or a cadet must deviate from the 104-R, the military advisor will likely be working closely with the cadet to resolve the short-fall in credits. It is my understanding that it is unusual for extra time to be granted unless extenuating circumstances have occurred.
Definitely a good conversation to have with his advisor sooner than later. My DD is a nursing student, a 9 semester program at her school. All nursing students go 5 straight semesters starting junior year with no summer break before senior year, so they go to advance camp after sophomore year and spend their sophomore year as a MS3. All of this is in her 104R and planned ahead for. I am sure their are case by case basis also, but again the earlier that conversation happens the better.
DS is an MS1 with an engineering major at Clemson. He was told to plan 4.5 to 5 years and to set up his 104R accordingly. He was told his scholarship would be extended. He set it up for 4.5 years. Trying to complete in 4 years would have been really tough.
DS is a MSV in mechanical engineering. He received the 4 yr national scholarship but when he got to his battalion, he was told it was transferred to a 5 yr scholarship since his major was engineering (battalion decision). He will graduate in May and commission the night before. He doesn't commission until he graduates. I believe the extension is left up to the battalion.

As far as changing during the process, it can occur. Again that is a battalion decision. His roommate's scholarship was extended for one semester since he had to change majors. I'm sure others know better than me, but I was told that the battalions are allotted so much money and that they have some flexibility on distributing it.

So bottom line, check with the battalion. They want them to succeed.