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    I just received notification that I was awarded a 4yr Army ROTC scholarship on the last board. My first choice, however, would be to do NROTC Marine Option, which I also applied for a scholarship but I don't think I will hear back for a little while. Is it harder to get an NROTC scholarship than an Army ROTC one? I got to pick from any of my schools for the Army Scholarship so I would imagine I was a competitive applicant. Do you think my application to NROTC is competitive?
    Marine PFT score: 198 (3mi run in 21:39, 10 pullups, 70 crunches)
    GPA: about 90, in National Honors Society
    SAT: 1270 (math+verbal)
    *I play lacrosse and hockey for my high school as well as for club travel teams. I have also been a captain on a majority of the teams I have played for.
    *I have letters of recommendation from numerous people, one of which is an O-6 in the Navy.
    *I also have had a job at a local restaurant since junior year.
    *I have taken 6 AP Classes and 10 Honors Courses

    Any info regarding the competitiveness of my application for an NROTC marine option scholarship or the difference in competitiveness between ARTOC and NROTC would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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