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    Hello everyone, my name's Charles and I'm a Junior in high school currently finishing up with a 3.6 cumulative GPA at this point and a 1300 (M+V) SAT, Captain on Varsity Football this year, Red Cross Club President / District Vice-President over about 300 volunteers, steady volunteer at Kaiser. Basically, I'm really intent on securing a place in my freshman year, but I'm a little confused and I was wondering if some of those ahead of me could clarify some things for me on the process of applying.

    Onto the real point of this thread,
    So I've started the whole application process for 2013, applications opened on February 1st, and are still open as far as I can tell. Now I've read countless testimonies of previous ROTC candidates who applied in August preceding their senior year, is this how it's meant to be? It's to my understanding that, earlier the better, and I would love to turn in my application in the coming weeks or so - am I missing something, please let me know.

    Do I send in my transcripts now or am I supposed to include my first semester of senior year as a few have advised?

    I'll also be applying to West Point alongside my AROTC application, I would appreciate any guidance on securing the Congressional nomination. (I've turned in one packet to Senator Feinstein of California)

    I'll be honest in saying that I've got lots of the application done, but still lost in some respects.
    I appreciate any and all help for this, thanks everyone!
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    The first board for AROTC meets around the first of October. You want to have your application complete in time to meet the first board if possible. Last year my son completed the application in August but did not do the interview until the second week of September and he met the first board.

    Try and complete your WP application by August. It is easy to update with new stuff that comes along after you submit it.
    The AROTC application can be updated as well with new stuff up until you are revieed by the board but it is difficult to know that your updates were actually added to your file.

    Good Luck.