AROTC with a dual enrollment AA degree?


Jan 1, 2017
I am a high school senior and in Washington State's running start program, where high school students can earn an AA and diploma at the same time. My question is if I am eligible for a post-high school scholarship. I know that I have the choice to not claim my AA to the college, but may I still win an AROTC scholarship?

AFROTC had no problem with it, and I have already won a Type 1 scholarship. I understand that the last board is soon to meet, so any information is appreciated. I have my application complete with the exception of my PMS interview.
That's a great question for you PMS/ROO, and you should ask during your interview. I'm pretty sure you need to do all 4 years of AROTC courses, and will need to be full-time enrolled in your University for 4 years (there's usually a minimum credit hours/semester to be "full time" enrolled). So, while you have lot's of college credit hours, I think you'll still need to plan to attend your school for 4 years. My DS is also a Wash State kid, and did a dual enrollment program. However, he's only going to transfer in about 18 hours, and plans to take a minimum course load (12 hours) his first 3 or 4 semesters.
My son just had his AROTC scholarship interview today and this topic was specifically discussed because my son has several college credits as well. One problem he ran into when filling out the info on his online application is that it wouldn't allow him to enter his 17 credits. Instead, a box popped up saying the that many credits made him ineligible for a four year scholarship. When he talked with the recruiter and PMS today, they said that it was probably because the program 'sees' he has half semester of college and therefore determines he doesn't need money for all four years. They thought this was odd since at the school he interviewed at you need 45 credits to be considered a sophomore. They took the time to look at his college transcript and realized that two of the credits were for the 2 Health classes he took online through BYU online program that met his high school graduation health requirement. He only took this classes through BYU online so it would free up more room in his schedule for much more advanced classes like AP Chemistry & AP Calc.. Once his credits went down to 15 credits it made him eligible for the 4 year AROTC scholarship again. I found it very strange that the very same advanced classes in high school that are dual enrollment college opportunities (and that the academies and ROTC programs stress the importance of), can also be the thing that makes you ineligible for the coveted 4 year scholarships.