Arriving to BWI early.


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May 24, 2017
My son is getting into BWI at 7:00AM Saturday. I know that the midshipmen will not be at the airport until 9:00. My question is, if he checks in with the midshipmen at 9:00 and heads to the academy, what will his day look like? I've heard he will have the chance to play intramural sports but I've also heard that many did not like to play the sports. He loves sports but doesn't want to get hurt, or screw up his CFA the next day. I guess I'm just wondering what the first day will be like for him.
It sounds to me that you are really asking a question about what to expect at NASS. Many will see the BWI title and skip over it thinking you are giving travel advice. There are many older threads about what to expect at NASS, I would start there.