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Jun 9, 2006
An article of interest I came across today:

WEST POINT — While the volume of applications to the U.S. Military Academy is on the rise, the number of qualified contenders to choose from is shrinking.

The reason for the disparity isn't grades or test scores or extracurricular accolades. The problem is physical fitness: An increasing number of applicants are out of shape or taking potentially disqualifying medications for conditions such as asthma or attention-deficit disorder.
To read the rest see the link above.
Thats my local newspaper. I was excited to read that the enlisted numbers are up, hoping it works in my favor next year. NY-19 district probably has the highest number of people interested in the academy because west point is in the district.
Good Luck Meghan!

And thank you for your service.
Thanks for the article, a real eye opener as to just how stiff the competition is this year!
Yes, the article is a great one for USMA candidates to read.
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