As Arctic warms, we need a Coast Guard that can fight

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    Today’s heavy burdens may grow heavier. Semper paratus!

    James Holmes is professor of strategy at the Naval War College and senior fellow at the University of Georgia School of Public and International Affairs. A former U.S. Navy surface warfare officer, he served as military professor at the Naval War College, College of Distance Education, and as director of a steam engineering course at the Surface Warfare Officers School Command. On sea duty he served as an engineering and gunnery officer on board the battleship Wisconsin. He is a combat veteran of the first Gulf War.
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    I just don't see it happening. Not sure if Deepwater killed all of their political capital, but they're having a hard enough time modernizing the white-hull fleet.

    This article popped up on Facebook a few weeks ago and generated a stir in the CG community. I'm just not sure if this environment is advantageous for the Coast Guard. This administration certainly isn't (unless shrinking budgets and workforce is how the president shows his love).

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