Assessing NROTC Units ...

Whistle Pig

Jun 9, 2006
My son is applying for an NROTC Scholarship. And of course, concurrently, he's applying to universities with units.

How does he go about assessing the units at these institutions? He is hearing there is substantial variation and disparity among the units and their presence on their respective campuses, and more importantly the manner in which they engage their students.

Specifically he's looking at Cornell, Vandy, Penn State, VA Tech, maybe Duke.

Any counsel?:confused:
Virginia tech is a Senior Military College their ROTC cadets/midhsipmen are enrolled into a corps of cadets much like annapolis, West point and Colorado Springs. SMC grads are regarded with a bit more respect than most other ROTC officers and would get chosen for positions before other non-SMC rotc grads but usually after annapolis grads. If an SMC grad chooses s/he is gaurenteed active duty and subsequently a regular commision.

Penn state's Army ROTC program is considered one of the best non SMC's in the nation, Im unsure about their NROTC. And i dont know much about vanderbilts/cornells/dukes programs.
I'd say to visit the program and college. I'm applying to Virginia Tech (first choice) and Penn State (second choice). I know first hand that VT has an amazing ROTC program and corps of cadets program.
I will tell you that VMI has one of the top NROTC Battalions in the nation. This past summer our Marine Option cadets outpreformed any other NROTC program at OCS. I am not positive of the numbers, but I think around 80% of our OCS cadets graduated in the top 10% of their platoon. The other 20% all graduated in the top 25% to 30%. So as far as NROTC goes we are top of the line. As a school as a whole not enough can be said for our history and traditions and long line of great leaders.