Asthma Remedial worries


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I am currently deep into the process of applying for USAFA and have everything I need, including a nomination, and at this point all I have left is a waiver for the asthma I had as a kid. I have been told to take a methacholine challenge test in order to prove I don’t have asthma. I have been reading about the mct on the forum and it seems like a lot of people say it isn’t reliable. Will I have a hard time passing? I am scared that this is the only thing keeping me from my dream.

BTW (not to brag, just for context) I am an all conference xc runner, state decorated 1600 and 800 runner, and am in the hunt for a state championship in the 800 and 4x800 this year. I don’t think my lungs need any help, but then again, DoDMERB may think differently...