Asthma Remedial


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Mar 29, 2016
Hello all,

I've had a history of childhood asthma, and have not used my inhaler for over 9 years. Since then, I have moved across the country and my paperwork regarding asthma has been lost.

Now, I have been requested to "Provide copies of all medical and surgical health records regarding asthma (R240.00)" but I literally have no documents that regard of asthma. In lieu of medical records, can I get a statement from my physician and coach saying that I have not been treated for asthma nor has my history of childhood asthma affected my sports performance?
Agree with AJC -

1. This is not the first time someone won't be able to produce a medical record from 9 years ago, so they will have a process to verify current status.
2. I doubt any input from your coach (unless he/she is an MD) will make a difference to DoDMERB
3. Expect to jump through some minor hoops with DoDMERB, but don't get too worried about it. Follow their instructions and do not provide more or less than they request.

Again - let DoDMERB know as AJC suggests and let the process play out. This has happened before.