Asthma Waiver for NROTC

Discussion in 'DoDMERB' started by Ian_Panlilio, Apr 29, 2011.

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    I have not had asthma problems for two years now, but I am still in need of a waiver since I am 17 now and the last asthma problem I had was over the age of 13. I bike, run, swim, and even do PT with the marines every tuesday and thursday at the local recruitment office without issues. I have taken a pulmonary function test within the last year and got normal results. What are my chances of getting the waiver? If the waiver is denied, can I override the denial?

    Also, my recruiter told me I needed a letter of recommendation from my civilian doctor, but when I asked specifically what the letter needed to contain, he responded very generically by telling me that "anything that says you don't have issues with asthma anymore" should be included. My doctor gave me a quick 4 sentence letter stating when I last had asthma issues and that I no longer require medications and have no issues, along with a physician's note that has a general outlook on my health in addition to what medications I was prescribed on what dates. Is this information sufficient to send to DoDMERB?
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