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    I was diagnosed with asthma a while ago but have not had an attack in years and the doctor said I no longer have it (he has given me the flu mist multiple times, which they cannot give to asthmatic patients). I know from looking at other posts that I will be DQd at DODMERB when they find out about my past diagnosis, but I have also seen that after DQd candidates sent in passing results on a spirometry test they were given waivers. Is it better to get the spirometry test done before even going to DODMERB, or is it better to wait and see if they DQ you to get the test done?
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    I was diagnosed with sports endured asthma when I was younger and I have since grown out of it. Before I started the DODMERB process, I took a pulmonary function test (same test they used to determine that I had asthma) and the results showed that I was good to go. When I took my official physical, I had the doctor pass on the new test results to DODMERB. They requested a remedial on a shoulder surgery I had and I was later DQ'd for a concussion which I am seeking a waiver for so it looks like the asthma problem made it through due to taking that test. Long story short, test out of asthma before you start the process.

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