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    I know there are many posts on here regarding asthma but would like to provide the specifics on my DS's situation
    He was diagnosed with allergy induced asthma as a young child. He took Zyrtec for his allergies until it was switched to an OTC medicine. He was then prescribed singulair to treat his allergies as our insurance covered it and Zyrtec was very expensive at that time. He also has Dulera listed in his records as a current medication. I explained to the doctor that it has been many years since we filled a prescription for Dulera and he does not have a current prescription for it. They were unable to remove it from his records. He has no symptoms of asthma and the singulair controls his allergies. Any suggestions as to how he should proceed when he has his medical review? I contacted out pharmacy and their records only go back 3 years and nothing was filled since then.
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    I think you covered it. Answer truthfully and have copies of records available. 3 years of no refill is good. See if doctor will write a note augment record. Be prepared for a remedial
    For asthma. If he doesn't have it, shouldn't be an issue.

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