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    Left MEPS with an almost perfect physical and overall test, but also with a waiver and follow up consult with a doctor, not yet scheduled, to undergo tests regarding my vision; I've also completely failed the depth test. I've worn glasses for the past two years and was told by the MEPS doctor this happened due to possibly severe astigmatism in one my eyes; may have misheard officers discussing it, but the limit for the USAF is 3.0 (?), and apparently I've got 3.5 (?). If correct, would this case be no problem to get a waiver for through this doctor appointed by MEPS, or some tough bureaucratic slap on the face?
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    Are you enlisting? I’m asking because you mention going to MEPS.

    Waiver is less likely if your astigmatism is bad enough to cause depth perception issues. It’s not a common cause of bad depth perception.

    What is your visual acuity?

    What is you eye glasses prescription?