Athletics at Citadel or VMI

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    Question: my daughter is interested in NROTC at both schools. She would run indoor and outdoor intercollegiate track. Would she be subject to the fourth class/rat system at practices or competitions, or does that time afford some relief? I guess the same question could be asked about intramural athletics as well.
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    When she is at practice for a varsity team she will be an athlete - not a Rat. Depending whether it's a fall or spring sport will dictate how much break from the Rat line she will get obviously- if you are playing a spring sport you are going to have less practices so more time for Rat events. I guess that it's a break of sorts- you are not going to be straining in the locker room anyway even if you are working your rear off at practice.

    No rats are eligible to play club sports or intramurals until after breakout as they are involved heavily in the afternoon and mornings with military and Rat events.

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