attend USNA for further goal?


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Jan 4, 2018
I'm a Junior in high school, I just knew about USNA 6 months ago. I did a lot of research.
let put this straightforward, my life goal is to become a doctor. with my current academic aspect and grade, I strongly believe that if I will get accepted in Medical school. without attending the USNA, my life will be: go to a normal university, go to medical school, spend more than 10 years in school, then go out and work as a doctor, then I will have my family. later I will old and die.
If everything go smoothly, my life will end up like that.
When I know about USNA, I was really exciting. not because of the benefits or the free dept college (i will have dept anyway when I go to medical school ). My brother and sister in law are actually in the Navy, so i have a brief idea what the environment like. did research about USNA, and I think that this environment is the environment I wanted. I won't have any chance to do anything bad during my college life if I attend to the USNA. I will make some really really good friends. most importantly, attending USNA will bring some color to my life. The prove for my youth that I did 'something' unexpectedly. I'm not a love-sport person, but I want to take challenges, I want to learn and see new things. I believe that nothing impossible, what matter is, have you tried or not. everything will be difficult at first, but I believe, I can handle it if I get into it.
I know this might sound too arrogant since many people use USNA as their goal life but really. If I can't get in, I'll just go to normal university complete my boring life.
Back to the main point. I know that USNA have some scholarship for midshipmen who want to go to Med School, very very competitive, i know

My question is: During the interview or the personal statement, should I mention anything about my Med School dream?
I know after 4 years, I suppose to serve for a number of years. If I receive the scholarship, I will go to med school, then I have to serve number of years +number of years , as a Med School Grad. I really plan to work long term for the Navy as a doctor so I don't mind at all.

I know for all your parents out there, this post will make you feel uncomfortable but this is my situation. Please give me your advice about my question as well as my plan with your wonderful knowledge and experiences.
I appreciate your help.
Thank You
A few things... there are tons and tons of threads on this site about Medical School. Recommend you research and use the search function to read the older threads. Two, you seem to have mapped your entire life at 16 and think it will be boring. Take a deep breathe. Not a requirement and I can hardly fathom your average ED doc saying their life is boring. Heck I just spent the last week shadowing doctors all the hospital, didn’t appear to be boring. They were passionate about their careers. Three, trust me, plenty of Mids get in trouble while there. And it can be impactful. To the point they get tossed out and owe large sums of money. It’s not very common and completely in their control, but don’t think USNA means everyone is perfect.

Med school out of USNA is very hard. Usually around 10-15 Mids get selected each year. It is a long commitment. Usually ends up being around 12-16 years initially. You also have a lot less control on your specialty as a doctor going this route. Majority of med schoool applicants from USNA major in Chemistry. Not a requirement, but it’s the easiest path at USNA to knock out pre-med requirements. There also takes a lot of initiative on a Mids part to pursue this path for internships, MCATs, pre-med requirements, etc.

Anyone who wants to go this route needs to understand that the chances are slim they will get a doctor spot. So what else would do you want to do in the Navy? If you aren’t prepared to serve in another capacity, this is probably not the right school for you.