Attending welcome aboard picnics and events.

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    Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending the IN, KY and TN Parents Association picnic. Even though DS was unavailable to come ( on his way back from the offshore Bermuda race) I am so glad I went. Of course our host did a great job but hey, someone needed to make sure, right? :shake:
    We didn't go to this event last year due to scheduling issues. I have to say one of the reasons we didn't go was I thought we pretty much knew all of what we needed before he went and it was held in another state. Now I realize we did, lol :yllol: what I am getting at is SAF really gave me/ us all we needed to know. I surely hope even with the popularity of the FB pages we keep this forum alive and full of current information. The ability to go back and read years worth of postings is not something one can do on fB. The class years are kept separate for the most part ( there is a value to that) so the perspectives are pretty narrow. The previous years threads really helped me get what the culture of KP was or is. I may blabber on but I do not think I make too big of fool of myself because I have read years worth of postings. If I say
    something outside of the norm it is intentional and I have a pretty good idea of how it will be received and shouldn't reflect badly on DS as I have blown his anonymity long ago- and besides who cares?

    What I did love about the local KP community event ( besides the great food our host had out) was the chance to talk with the M/N of 2015 who were there. Now that was truely worth a drive anywhere! The guys that were there were so composed, thoughtful and helpful to the incoming class I couldn't believe it. There was absolutely no arrogance or puffing up at all. They were all humble and truely wanting to tell it like it is and encourage the incoming plebe candidates as much as possible. I was so impressed. I can imagine the new Third Classmen in attendance were not the same guys at last years picnic. I could see the maturity that was evident from a year at KP.
    What a great opportunity to be involved in the local KP community. I certainly will not miss another opportunity again. But thank you to all who have contributed to this forum because it is still the best way to gather information (other than directly and in person) in my book.
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